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Acquisition of Right-of-Ways

Right-Of-Ways Attorneys

Right of ways are locations or corridors in which improvements can be built to benefit the public at large. A right of way is typically acquired as an easement, and is identified with specific rights and obligations for all involved parties. Specific locations and dimensions of the right of way are defined as well.

Throne Law Office, P.C., based in Sheridan, Wyoming, can assist will all aspects of right of ways for clients in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and North Dakota. Services provided for right of ways include the following:

  • Cost estimating
  • Permitting
  • Database development
  • Acquisition
  • Negotiations
  • Support during surface use agreements or condemnation through eminent domain
  • Construction damage settlements

Right-Of-Way Acquisition Lawyers Serving North Dakota,, Wyoming, Colorado And Montana

Whether for a pipeline, powerline, railway, roadway or other project, the acquisition of a right of way requires skilled legal representation. The attorneys at Throne Law Office, P.C., have the depth and breadth of experience necessary for the right of way acquisition process, from offer and sale negotiation to conveyance of an interest or total rights to a property. Whether through a mutual surface use agreement, litigation between parties or condemnation through eminent domain, your interests and rights in the process will be fully and vigorously represented at every step.

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